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Meeting Minutes sample
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes app is an electronic way of managing meeting minutes. Instead of writing meeting notes to word document then storing them somewhere on the network drive, you can use this app to store the meeting minutes including the meeting actions.

Actions are treated separately and people assigned to those tasks receive daily emails on what actions are outstanding.

Person writing the meeting minutes can bring this app to the meeting and run the meeting on the projector. There is even a time keeper for the meeting. After the meeting is completed, user provides people distribution list and with a single button click, they can distribute the meeting notes to everyone selected.

Actions Manager

Actions Manager works together with Meeting Minutes app. It essentially manages meeting actions. All meeting action created in the Meeting Minutes app are sorted by users in Actions Manager. There, people see actions in their inboxes. Users also have ability to delegate those actions to multiple people and be informed when tasks are completed.

All comments left in Actions Manager are automatically available in Meeting Minutes app so at the followup meeting actions status will be far clearer. app can be configured to track issues, defects and any other tickets.

Actions Manager sample
Documents Review sample
Documents Review

Starting from very early stage of the project, you will be dealing with documents of different types. All those will need to be reviewed by specific person and review comments will be used to create a new document version.

Our document review app will help you set up a document review in seconds. User is able to create a document entry by simply dragging a document to the application. In next step, user can create a list of reviewers by pooling them from the network system address book and review is ready to be started.

Reviewers are notified by email about the current review in progress and they can all collaboratively download a document in review and leave comments on the system. Depending on the document size and complexity of course, your review may be completed within an hour. Author can then use those comments to correct the document.

Documents Library
With every large project or company, comes a very large number of documents. This app can store your electronic document with simple drag-and-drop. Each document can have a number of attributes associated. Things like multiple document numbers, history of changes, project details, etc. Each document can also have multiple tags so it can be easily categorised. Finally, all of the above is searchable and can be quickly found by typing entire or partial search phrase. This system will save your employees a lot of time.
Documents Library sample
Configuration Management sample
Configuration Manager

This simple app we have built for our client, keeps a track of all mobile assets like locomotives, ore cars etc. It also keeps the track of what is installed on them, from the hardware and software point of view. It has ability to save an installation base-line and therefore do a comparison to see what assets are out of date and need hardware or software updates. Data can be imported from or exported to Excel spreadsheet. It is a very simple configuration management system capable of tracking thousands of assets and fully searchable.

Commissioning System
Commissioning System keeps the records off all commissioning tasks. Our client needed a place where all artefacts for commissioning will be kept and given to their client on handover. This particular system contains all rail assets like level crossings, radio base stations, etc. Commissioning can be configured to be handed over in phases and progress of each phase can be tracked separately with its own attributes and attached documents. It helps their staff to understand the quantity of the commissioning tasks while it keeps the progress and documentation of completed tasks.
Commissioning System sample
Roster Management sample
Roster Management

This wonderful little tool keeps the track of every-ones whereabouts. It can be used as little as possible, for example just to track who is NOT in the office. In the case person cannot come to work that day, that same person can send an email to Roster Management app and it will automatically make 'out-of-office' entry and it will send email notification to subscribed team leader/manager.

Cloud Ten FIDS

CloudTen is created for airport staff to manage flight information. This data is published in the terminal and on their website for the passengers. App is created for small to medium size airports. It uses very simple drag-and-drop of flights to change the flight states. Staff can use the desktop application to update the information, but often smaller airports are understaffed and they do not have time to reach the desk. Using their smart phone they can simply send email to CloudTen with flight number and new flight state, and system will update it for them.
Cloud Ten FIDS sample
Bay Control sample
Bay Control

Bay Control is an excellent tool for booking plane or helicopter parking bays. It can extend to support as many parking bays as required. Access control allows multiple users logins with different privileges from read-only access, single airline provider access or full access used by team leaders or managers. Bay Control can work as a standalone product but it can also connect to CloudTen and provide the actual flight data. Actual data can be compared with the scheduled one in BayControl and color-coded warnings can be shown if the difference is noticed.

Work Assist
This powerful task and resource management tool will easily handle large projects with few hundreds of people and number of projects at the same time. Each task can have many subtasks to tracked individually within a project. Apart from the resource assigning like people, equipment, materials, etc. Users can have a full history log of what was happening with the task, from when it is opened to when it is closed. This will include any documents and photos attached. Great tool for project management.
Work Assist sample
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We are a small team of talented software guys in touch with style who can replace your old Excel Spreadsheet with a sophisticated yet simple-to-use application. Something that your staff will instantly prefer and never look back.

Our mission and passion are to continue creating innovative and high-quality commercial software products that help businesses in their day to day project or service delivery.

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