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BayControl is a simple and powerful Apron allocation management system that can be configured to match your Airport or Heliport requirements. Define any number of Apron stand restrictions and make sure that invalid reservations cannot be made. BayControl comes with predefined booking fields that can be expanded when necessary.

It can easily be used to control bays or offshore helidecks to assist in Visual Flight Rule (VFR) or Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) flight plan.

Our small team of talented software guys in touch with style, made sure that BayControl is a pleasant and enjoyable system to use. Enjoy!

Run it as Dashboard on Large Screen
Place a large display and run it full screen in Dashboard Mode. Even with larger number of Aprons or Bookings, BayControl will scroll automatically through them and show the details of each active booking.
Great UI Design Simple to Use
Enjoy the Beauty and Simplicity of our Design
We spend a great deal of effort not just to provide a functional solution, but to make it visually as simple as possible. Great design should be the one where the software user manual is unnecessary.
CloudTen Integration FIDS
Integrate with CloudTen FIDS to Update Passenger's Flight Information
Our Flight Information Display System - CloudTen can be easily integrated and information between two system can be shared.
Permissions Multiple Users
Provide Different User Permissions
With full role-based access control, you are able to limit a user to manage apron bookings for only one airline. Likewise, power users like airport staff are able to manage all bookings as well as make the Apron unavailable for use.
Recurring Schedule Actual Flight Status
Manage Planned and Actual Data Separately
Each booking can have separate planned and actual information. This gives you the flexibility to enter planned recurring booking and then make changes to reflect the actual flight status, without affecting the regular planned information.
Attachments Sharing
Attach Documents to the Booking
Attach any number of documents to a booking and share it with the rest of the users.
Apron Unavailability Stop Reservations
Define Period When Apron is Not Available for Use
When Apron needs to be taken out of booking pool for maintenance or other reasons, dedicated users can specify its period of unavailability.
Apron Rules
Configure Apron Dimensions, Taxiing Restrictions, Maximum Booking Time and More
Defining Apron's restrictions will allow you and your staff to make more accurate booking decisions. Booking conflicts with these restrictions are clearly indicated to the user.
Efficient Booking
Show Any Booking Conflicts
Booking with conflicts will not be allowed unless you are a power user. This way power users can make a conscientious decision and override the warnings given by the system.
PC Mac Mobile
Runs on Desktop and Mobile Devices
BayControl is server-based solution and users can use multiple platforms to interact with it.

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